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Elbow Series

The elbow orthoses are effective in limiting the range of motion involved with flexion and extension. Both the Shoulder-Elbow-Wrist-Hand orthosis and the Elbow orthosis feature: an upper component – consisting of a Humerus fracture brace, an elbow hinge and a lower component – consisting of a Forearm-Wrist-Hand immobilizer. The lower component helps to eliminate distal slippage. The elbow hinge is a limited motion aluminum medial upright that is adjustable in 30° increment stops. This joint is slotted to allow adjustments proximal and distal to the elbow. These orthoses are easily customized utilizing a heat gun and scissors, as shown in the modification procedures. Each is provided with one presewn double layer cotton stockinette. Additional stockinette and straps are available separately.

Elbow Orthosis

Clinically designed for anatomical alignment of the humerus-forearm-wrist-hand with an articulating elbow joint. Allows unrestricted shoulder motion.

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Shoulder Elbow Wrist Hand Orthosis

Anatomical alignment of the shoulder-humerus-forearm-wrist-hand with an articulating elbow joint. Allows limited functional shoulder motion with shoulder protection.

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